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West Coast Dance Complex is a student-focused studio that provides the Carmel Valley, San Diego community with a unique and wonderful place to dance! We offer a variety of classes - for beginners of all ages through the pre-professional level - at a beautiful 6500 sf facility. 


Our team of instructors are not only well-trained dancers, but also accomplished and experienced dance educators who work hard to give our students the tools they need to fulfill their potential.


Here at West Coast Dance Complex, we believe the ultimate goal of dance training should be to become a better version of yourself, and we strive to help our students grow and find enjoyment that will last far beyond the dance class or the studio. Besides teaching your children how to control their bodies and create art through movement, it is our goal to help your children develop these important life skills and great qualities through their dance training:


  • Passion to pursue their goals

  • Teamwork to teach and learn from other dancers

  • Hard work to reach the pinnacle of their possibilities

  • Perseverance to get through the hard times

  • Ability to innovate, think outside the box


Whether your child is training for a career as a professional performing artist, or is looking for a fun and challenging hobby, a good dance education will have very positive effects on many aspects of life. Give your child the chance to shine and develop on and off the dance floor by registering our program today! We bet your children will have so much fun dancing at our studio, you won’t realize how much work they have accomplished at the end of the season.



We take the greatest interest in ensuring our students enjoy and feel comfortable with their choice of classes so they can grow to their full potential. Thus, we gladly offer a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL where your student is encouraged and welcomed to take as many classes as they wish in a week to try a variety of styles and teachers before you commit.
To get started, complete the form on our contact page and someone from our office will get back to you!
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