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Recital Location: California Center for the Arts, Escondido - Concert Hall
Recital Date: Saturday, June 3, 2023
Recital Show Time: 5:00 PM
In-Studio Dress Rehearsal: Sunday, May 21, 2023
Theater Tech Rehearsal: Saturday, June 3, 2023

Other Important Dates
Costume Fees Due: January 15, 2023
In-Studio Picture Day: May 13, 2023
Studio Closed: May 29, 2023
Mandatory Rehearsal Dates: May 22-June 2, 2023

For our tiny dancers in Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Jazz & Hip Hop 6 & Under:

They will be released to sit in the audience after intermission. Please be sure to purchase their ticket online so that they have seat to enjoy the rest of the show! If you would like your 3 and under dancer to sit on your lap, complimentary lap tickets can be provided.


For our Daddy Daughter dancers, please don't forget to purchase a ticket for Daddy! They will both be released to the audience after their performance.

*Button links will become active as information is updated. Stay tuned for more information closer to late April!

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Picture Day - Saturday, May 13

Please click here to view the 2023 Recital Picture Day schedule for Saturday, May 13th. 


Picture Day is a special part of the recital experience where we capture a group photo of all the performers in costume. You also have the opportunity to have individual or sibling photos taken! We are thrilled that the amazing and talented Holly Ireland is our recital photographer for this year. 

Picture day is strongly encouraged for all participating dancers and purchase is NOT required to participate. If you would like to purchase group photos as well as individual photos in costume, please click here to complete the order form.




Picture Day is also a wonderful opportunity to have dancers in hair and make up and full costume to sort out any concerns or answer any questions prior to dress rehearsal and recital day. 

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Hair & Make Up



Low middle bun and middle part with all the hair pulled straight back from the face. No bangs. There should be no wisps of hair flying around either. Please use hair ties, hair nets and bobby pins that match your child's hair color. 

Click Here for a Low Bun Middle Part Video Tutorial



Dancers must have STAGE MAKE-UP on for Dress Rehearsal AND Recital Show Day! This includes: Foundation, Powder, Pink Blush, Red Lipstick, Filled in Brows, Dark Eye Shadow, Black Mascara or Fake eye-lashes and Black Eyeliner.

Click Here for a Stage Make-Up Video Tutorial

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Shoes & Tights

Shoes and tights are NOT included in the costume fee. All costumes requiring tights will be charged to your account. You will be responsible for one pair of the same tights. For example, if your dancer is in two routines and they both require pink tights, you will only be charged for one pair. If you would like additional pairs as backup, you are welcome and encouraged to purchase them. Tights must be purchased at the studio and should be clean with no runs or holes on them.

Underwear is not required to be worn under costumes except those that come with pants or shorts. This is to avoid them being shown through their costume on stage!

Make sure you have the right color and style of shoes for each routine. If you are unsure, please refer to the checklist on the costume bag. We sell ballet, tap, lyrical half-soles and jazz shoes at the studio. Below are recommended purchase links for jazz shoes. They are not required brands. Shoes are available to purchase in studio, but if you prefer to shop online please see these links below as a helpful guide.

Lyrical Tan Half Soles

Black & Tan Jazz Shoes

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What To Bring On Recital Day

We recommend to pack these following items in your dancer's bag for both Dress Rehearsal and Recital Day:

  • All tights and shoes (we also recommend a backup pair of tights)

  • Warm-ups and/or change of clothes

  • Extra hair supplies (come with hair done!) – brush, hair ties, pins, hairspray

  • Extra make-up (come with make-up done!) – eyes, cheeks, lips

  • Make-up remover and q-tips

  • Blanket or large beach towel

  • Pillow and comfort items

  • Water

  • Dry snacks (no NUTS)

  • Quiet activities - books, coloring books, electronics with headphones

  • Label all belongings and pack before show day

Please do not send valuables with dancers, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

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Check-In & Check-Out Process at the Theater

Check-in will remain the same and be located backstage, behind the Concert Hall theater. During check-out, dancers will be released into the main lobby of the theater at the conclusion of the show. The only exception is our 6 & Under dancers, who will be released at Intermission.

Dancers must be accompanied by one parent at both check-in and check-out, unless they're over the age of 14 and have received approval by our Administrative staff. Official check-in times will be announced once the Recital Day Timeline is released in late April/early May. 

At check-in, parents will receive a numbered wristband and your dancer will be assigned to that number. Do not lose that wristband! That is your ticket to picking up your dancer and ensuring a smooth check-out process. ONLY parents/guardians with a wristband are allowed to stand in line for check-out. To limit overcrowding and due to fire hazards, guests without a numbered wristband will not be allowed to stand in line. 

At check-out, the parent must show the numbered wristband to our staff and they will locate the dancer. We kindly ask for patience during this process. Our highest priority is safety, therefore everyone's patience and cooperation is both crucial and essential to a smooth check-out system. 

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